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You may have completed all of your preparations for the upcoming winter season. Your HVAC system, holiday décor for your house and tree, what your family will wear on Christmas Eve, and the food you plan to cook are just a few examples. But what’s this? Something as significant as the above has been overlooked. You failed to get your house’s exterior ready for the winter. But don’t worry. These five tips can help you prepare your home for the upcoming winter. Take it from the experts of power washing Main Line and Delaware County, Supreme Power Washing.

Check the Exterior of Your House

Start by doing a few laps around your house and yard to identify potential issues that need repair before the winter months arrive. Pay close attention to the chimney, roof, gutter, drainage, hard exterior surfaces, patios or decks, driveways, and other similar places. Even if some seem more like vanity projects, they are essential to secure your home as winter approaches.

Check Your Gutters and Roof

One of the most important things you can do to prepare your house for winter is to check the roof and gutters. Check your roof for loose or broken shingles, and make sure your pipes are clear and in good shape. Clogged gutters are the source of ice dams, which can damage your roof. You can hire a power washing expert to take care of the job if you believe you require roof cleaning and gutter cleaning but lack the confidence to handle it yourself.

Check Your Residential Sidings

You want your residential siding to look great for curb appeal, but this winter, it is crucial to check on your sidings. Your sidings are an insulation jacket that keeps you and your home safe and warm during this chilly season.

In addition to preventing water leaks, checking your siding for cracks and holes will help stop the growth of mold and mildew outside your home during inclement weather. Nobody likes mold or mildew to build up in their home, but cleaning your siding before winter will help prevent this bacteria!

It is essential to regularly clean your siding to remove any collected dirt and debris, especially before and throughout the winter. Experts advise power washing your siding to thoroughly and completely clean it.

Seal Cement Walkways And Driveways

Concrete sealing is the process of sealing the concrete or pavers from water penetration. Given that concrete construction can be costly, you want to safeguard it. It’s crucial to take the time to examine your concrete walkways to see if they need concrete cleaning and sealing.

Applying a sealant after you’ve pressure washed will stop water from dripping in and freezing throughout the winter. Your lovely driveway and walkways can last a long time with the help of professional concrete cleaning and sealing.

Protect Your Deck Or Patio This Winter

Preventative maintenance is required to prepare your patio or deck for the winter. Whether it is wood, cement, or trex, it needs protection from the winter weather.

Professional wood surface cleaning, restoration, and sealing will keep your patio or deck looking clean and brand new. It also helps stop the wood from deteriorating and needing to be replaced. Harsh effects on your home’s exterior may result if you do not keep on top of this.

Stay Warm in Your Winter-Ready Home

There is a ton of laborious work over the winter. Since your home’s exterior is more exposed to harsh weather, it requires many safety precautions. Examining your roof and gutters, caulking gaps and cracks in the concrete, and preserving siding and patios are the fundamental ways to protect the exterior of your home throughout the winter. Following this checklist may help you relax and stay cozy the entire season.
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