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Weather and time can do a lot of damage to a roof over time. Dust, dirt, and grit begin to accumulate from the moment the roof is exposed to the elements, and rain only rinses it off to then deposit a fresh coat of grime. Shingles that stay damp can grow algae, moss, and mildew. And don’t forget leaves, branches, and bird droppings.

Undesirable substances left on your roof can break down, rot, and bake into your shingles over time. One season of hot sun and powerful UV rays can leave your roof looking decades older. Professional roof washing can help keep it looking great.

Professional roof cleaning with softwash water.

Washing Can Protect Your Roof

The elements pose a risk to your roof if left unchecked. Different forms of fungus can grow on a dirty roof and create black streaks. Lichen can spread and create yellow patches. Mold and other organisms may deteriorate roof tiles, ruining their finish and making them ugly. The result is added heating and cooling costs every month.

Higher energy bills are just the start. One of the main reasons for washing your roof is to ensure that it lasts as long as possible. Filth, grime, and dirt can shorten their lifespan.

Your Roof Washing Experts

Supreme Power Washing operates in the greater Philidelphia area. Our services in Delaware County, PA include soft washing for roof cleaning that protects your property from damage.

Soft Washing

This low-pressure cleaning method attacks dirt and grime chemically and physically with cleaning solutions and gentle pressure. Soft washing creates a foam that eliminates all contaminants that stick to tiles and shingles and makes it easy to wipe the surface afterward.

This method is suitable for removing dirt and grime from delicate or fragile places like where cables or conduits enter the home, or where unique construction like solar panels or architectural features appear. Soft washing is a common and effective technique that works well for cleaning most roofs.

It’s important to use a company you can trust, so don’t settle for anything less than the best!

Trust the experts at Supreme Power Washing to arrive on time, do the job you requested, and leave your roof sparkling and spotless!

Services Provided In Delaware County, PA

Dirt and debris tends to accumulate on home exteriors over time. That’s because dust and air-born pollution like hydrocarbon particles and plant pollen can create a film that makes it easier for more contamination to accumulate. Once free of these contaminants, most roofs and buildings will stay fresh-looking longer.

Aside from soft washing roofs, other cleaning services offered by Supreme Power Washing include:

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