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While you may not notice them every day, your rain gutters are part of your home and provide an important function. They safely and efficiently direct runoff from rain or snow to a downspout where the water can be transferred to the ground. If you expect your gutters to last for years, then regular gutter cleaning should be part of your household maintenance.



Rain Gutters Need Maintenance

Like any other piece of construction exposed to the elements, rain gutters are subject to deterioration or blockages. Depending on the material, they can rust, suffer damage, and pull away from the wall or roof. Regular maintenance can help prevent these things from happening.

Rain gutters have a way of collecting organic debris. This can come from birds, squirrels, insects, and other pests, but the biggest offenders are often nearby trees. Trees drop leaves, bark, twigs, and even limbs that can land in the gutter or strike it hard enough to cause physical damage.

Regular home maintenance like pressure washing, power washing, and gutter cleaning can help keep your home’s exterior safe, sound, and operable.

Recognizing Rain Gutter Damage

Damaged rain gutters may harm your home or property in several ways. Look for telltale signs like the following:

Poorly maintained gutters can result in wall damage like peeling siding, discolored paint, crumbling drywall, and rotting woodwork. This can cause erosion of the soil around the walls of your home, destroying flower beds and similar features. Cleaning gutters may help prevent your basement from flooding due to water collecting around the foundation.

Hire Local Pennsylvania Professionals

Checking rain gutters to make sure they are in good shape and free of debris usually requires a trip up a ladder or a journey onto your roof. Depending on your skills, the size of your home, and the equipment you have, this can be difficult and hazardous. A ranch-style home with one floor can be dangerous, and climbing a ladder to reach the roof of a second or third floor is a task that should be undertaken by professionals.

When you hire Supreme Power Washing for gutter cleaning, you’re hiring a local team of professionals. Our service area includes the greater Philadelphia metropolitan area, Delaware County, and Chester County.

We can safely inspect your gutters and downspouts while we take care of blockage and debris buildup. We can also wash your roof, make sure it is free of debris, and let you know if there is any damage that requires further attention.

Accidents with ladders are a common cause of homeowner injuries. Don’t risk life and limb when it comes to cleaning gutters. Contact us today for a free quote.


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