Keeping Your Hotel Beautiful with Commercial Pressure Washing

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Hiring a company to clean your building’s exterior is one of the best things a property manager can do to support occupancy rates at hotels. From back parking lots and dumpsters to high-traffic areas with eye-catching features, hotels can hold different cleaning challenges. This blog will go over the ways a pressure washing service can help you maintain your property so that guests and visitors will always have a positive impression of your business.

Refresh Your Commercial Building with Pressure Washing

Many companies with commercial properties find regular pressure washing helps keep their property easier to maintain. It’s easier to spot damage on clean walls and roofs, and clean property is less prone to developing stained walls, floors, and wood rot. For businesses with outdoor property that must maintain an attractive appearance, pressure washing can help with multiple tasks.

Repainting – Cleaning is necessary before re-painting most surfaces because it removes flaking paint, varnish, and other finishes, and eliminates dirt that can keep new paint from bonding to the building. A commercial pressure washing company can prepare metal, wood, and concrete surfaces for remodeling and refinishing.

Roof & Facade – Keeping the facade and roof clean of dirt and graffiti is important for attracting guests and protecting public perception of your business.

Signage – Good signs bring in customers, so they are one of the most valuable assets to maintain. Washing brightens colors, makes the text more legible, and helps your signage stand out in busy areas.

Parking Lots & Dumpsters – A commercial pressure washing company can care for the parking lot and dumpster area, and some companies may also offer snow removal services in the winter.

Walkways, Stairs, & Sidewalks – Keeping these areas clean is good business practice and important for employees, guests, and public safety.

Pool Area – Poolside areas are exposed to moisture daily. Don’t depend on chlorine and other chemicals to limit slimy bacteria and algae growth. Clean concrete and tile surfaces frequently to prevent them from getting slippery or looking unhealthy.

Luxury outdoor pool at a hotel

Windows, Air Conditioners, HVAC Units – These areas can look grimy and have lower energy efficiency. A dirty window can get you bad reviews from guests who may be pleased with everything else. Any reputable company that pressure washes commercial buildings should have the skill to clean these areas safely and effectively.

Decks & Outdoor furniture – Outdoor furniture can get dirty from heavy use or seasonal storage. Wooden decks can grow discolored with algae and stains. Cleaning helps make decks and outdoor furniture look welcoming and safe.

You Want Hotel Maintenance That Pays For Itself

Smart hotel managers know that clean property makes guests feel more comfortable, which may lead to extended stays and referrals. The cost of hiring a commercial pressure washing company is low when compared to the business it can bring in and the negative impression that a dirty facade or parking lot might make.

Contact us today to learn how affordable our services can be. Supreme Power Washing can help keep your hotel looking safe, well-kept, and secure, so guests will never feel nervous about checking in.

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