Winter Safety Tips For Your Home & Business

Snow and ice can cause some serious accidents, so let’s review a few winter safety tips for keeping employees and family members free from harm. The following tips will help you maintain your business and keep your family comfortable. 

For Your Home

Basic Structural Maintenance

  • Check the exterior walls of your home for loose siding and flashing. Look for cracks, openings, and other damage.
  • To help reduce slipping hazards make sure to clean concrete floors, stairs, and sidewalks before the first frost. 
  • Checking your rain gutters regularly is a good general home safety tip, winter weather or not. Clogged rain gutters can cause flooding, and expanding ice can burst gutters and downspouts. 
  • Look for signs of damage or sagging on your roof. Check inside your attic for damaged support beams, leaks, cracks, and gaps. Make sure vents are unobstructed and there is adequate insulation.

Heating System Check

Checking your home heating system is an important task to perform in the early fall so you can get things fixed before it gets cold. It can save you money, too, since HVAC professionals will often charge a premium during the winter when they are busy with emergency calls. So this winter home safety tip will keep employees and family healthy, as well as help keep your budget in check. 

A blazing fireplace.

Inspect your chimney (if you have one), and replace dirty air filters. Review the manual for your home’s heating system and familiarize yourself with user maintenance requirements. Check motors and moving parts for unusual sounds or vibrations, and make sure your thermostat is operating correctly.

For Your Workplace

Develop Emergency Plans For Employees

Winter safety tips for your business should help safeguard employees and profitability. Make sure to do the following: 

  • Update everybody’s contact information.
  • Establish a check-in procedure. This is especially important if employees must navigate areas where a stranded person may be in danger from the elements.
  • Develop contact protocols with multiple methods (phone, text messages, email) and individuals to contact. 
  • Develop plans for emergency transportation.

Develop A Production Support Plan

Identify critical roles and develop a plan if the responsible individual can’t make it to work. 

If your business depends on a regular supply of parts or resources that require delivery to your home or building, create a winter stockpile for safety. This tip can help your workplace stay in operation in case of a delay in supplies.

A snowy parking lot.

Stay Vigilant With Slippery Surfaces

Slip-and-fall incidents skyrocket during cold weather, so remove ice and snow from parking areas, sidewalks, and stairs promptly. Check doors, door handles, and handrails to make sure they are securely attached. Use sand or other appropriate materials to increase traction.

Safeguard Family And Business 

We hope these winter safety tips for your home and workplace will help keep you safe and your business operating smoothly. If you think you’ll need assistance keeping your parking lot or other areas clear of ice and snow, contact us today for a free quote. We can help you reduce the threat of slips, falls, and parking lot accidents in winter weather.

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